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NEWS 2018

Dec 3:

We got back from London yesterday to the sad news that our friend Anna-Marie had passed away after her brave battle against Cancer.

She was a strong, proud Belfast Punk Rocker, who supported us in all our musical endeavours over the years and was our "Merch girl" at Rebellion Festival.

She is much loved and will be so sorely missed.

Make sure to raise a glass (or a mug of tea) in her honour.

Much love and strength to her family and all our friends.

- Marty, Ralph, Eden, Phil

Aug 7:

That's us back in Belfast and back to the daily grind!
A massive thank you to all at Rebellion Punk Music Festival for yet another fantastic weekend - take a bow. 
Cheers to Sharon and Anna Marie for doing our merch and to Takers & Users for transporting our gear. Much appreciated!

Here's to the next one!!!

Apr 18:

That's us back in rehearsal.
Getting the new songs ready for the studio on Sunday.
We can't wait to get them on the set!

Mar 28:

Now that we're finally recovered from the "Vinyl Launch" weekend we'd like to thank:
Warzone crew for hosting a crackin' gig in Belfast, and,
Eddie Nil at Buddycore for hosting such a great night in Dublin, 
Cheers to all the punters, bands and everyone who supported the evenings and helped us offload the vinyl - Respect!
'Til the next time,
All the best.

Mar 23:

Many thanks to everyone who purchased our Pre-orders (which ended today).
Cheers for all your support!

Feb 23:

We are pleased to announce that you can now Pre-order The Vinyl edition of "The Spirit and the Legacy".
We have three separate options on our Bandcamp profile.
You can order it on:
1.  Blue Splatter  
2. Black vinyl
3.. T-shirt /Vinyl Bundle
You can order online here from our Bandcamp page (or see Merch) or,

from Alex at Distroy Records

Feb 15:

We finally have our Vinyl copies of the album!
You will be able to Pre Order copies online from our Bandcamp page (see Merch) next week, or you can pick one up at our launch gigs in Belfast and Dublin in March.

NEWS 2017

Aug 22:

Great review for "United Bottles" at Rebellion 2017 -
"...Back round to the Arena to see United Bottles and get blown away by the sheer brilliance of their songs. I can't emphasize how good this lot are. Powerful street punk with Rose Tattoo like rock overtones....
Get 'em checked out..."

Aug 8:

Rebellion Blackpool last Saturday at the Arena Stage, what can we say -
The crowd, the noise and the craic was absolutely superb, thank you to one and all there, we loved it!
We're safely back home in Belfast and all accounted for.
Massive ups to Darren and Jennie for inviting us, and organising yet another fabulous Year, x
Huge thanks to Sharon Thomas Ian Anna-Marie Denis for organising and running our Merch Stall.
To all the backstage/sound crew - top folk, cheers.
Tony Ghirardi - thank you mate.
Thanks to Cinders De for this photo.
To everyone else - see ya soon!

July 18:

We had a fantastic time at Iveagh Gardens, Dublin last Sunday. 
HUGE thanks to the Dropkick Murphys for having us. 
MASSIVE thanks to everyone who cheered, danced and enjoyed the day with us - superb!
Big Ups to our Special guest roadie Mr Buck Defect! 
Thanks for the help mate.
We'll be back in practice next week to get ready for the Mahones gig and sort our set for Rebellion Blackpool! 

July 14:

Hey Folks, "United Bottles" are hitting the stage 7pm sharp!, for anyone attending Iveagh Gardens this Sunday.
See ya There!

July 8:

We had a great time at the launch - Superb!
Thanks to Dissed and Dismissed and Takers and Users and Cushla for Dj duties.
Huge thanks to all the last song stage invaders!
We have ourselves a Bandcamp so you can now get yer hands on the Album.

We'll be adding a couple of songs from our Album "The Spirit And The Legacy" each day to our "Youtube Playlist Channel"
Here's 3 tunes:
"Big Left Hook" 
"The Spirit And The Legacy"
"Pickin' Sides"

July 1:

Here we go! - United Bottles - "Working Class Victims", a track from our forthcoming Album entitled "The Spirit And The Legacy" released on the 7th July 2017.
"Snakes in suits offer no solution
They've been playing both sides
Making working class victims
With their conflict legacy and mind pollution"

Details of where to purchase the album will be given shortly.
Please share and spread the word.

June 18

It's finally here!
We will be releasing our Debut album entitled "The Spirit and the Legacy" on the 7th July 2017, at the Voodoo Belfast CD gig launch.

Details of where to purchase the album will be given shortly.
Please share and spread the word.

June 17:

Very special practise tonight. All will be revealed very soon!

June 06:

Our debut album is recorded and will be ready to release very soon.
Not long now folks!

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